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Future Financial Planning

09 06 2022
future financial planning

Future Financial Planning

Going solo and setting up on your own is scary, but what is more nerve-wracking than starting your own business? Payday? HMRC? The long days? Or is it the unknown? Dealing with the here and now of owning a new business can blinker owners to what the future holds and how to best plan for what comes next.

Being your own boss is an incredibly liberating feeling, but as Uncle Ben said in Spiderman, “with great freedom comes great responsibility” – or something like that. But whatever he said, it was true – there is now no one looking after your future with a steady income, or even a pension for when you eventually choose to retire, so it’s down to you.

Entrepreneur nail it when they say that “Entrepreneurs are in the business of creating a new future.” Therefore, planning for that future is crucial! In this article, we will show you some of our top future financial planning solutions to cover everything from pensions, to money management, and help to take the stress out of the unknown.

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Give your bank a Brain” is Plum’s tagline. They do their very best to put their money where their mouth is by automating everything to save you time and cash.

Getting started with Plum is easy and you’re guided every step of the way. They’ve integrated investments, spending analysis, and auto-savings, giving you a great overview of your financial landscape.

There is a simple way to save and invest, and you have the option of both by either doing this manually, or letting Plum’s powerful AI handle it completely on your behalf. Plum can calculate your safe set-aside level without leaving you short, based on your income and expenses. Your past week’s transactions can also be rounded up to the nearest £1, and spare change can be transferred.

Using Plum is simple and easy, and everything is done on your phone. Both Android and Apple devices are compatible with the app, and it does a great job of providing a lot of information in an organised manner. It can track your spending and automatically deposit money into your savings/investments from your bank accounts and credit cards.

Reyt Chuffed

– Savings can be increased through the use of their intuitive AI system
– Makes complex investment opportunities easy to access
– Connect all your credit cards and banks so you can track your spending

Reyt Stuffed

– Transfer of funds on investments can be slow at times
– Customer service experience can be hit and miss

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Snoop is a game-changer if you are looking to organise your money better and you are terrible at keeping track of multiple accounts. It takes all the hassle away using its money-saving savvy with any connected accounts.

The aim at Snoop is “to save the average household at least £1,500 over a year.

There are a variety of ways in which people spend and manage their money. It is entirely up to you how much money you want to save by using Snoop.

At the basic level, this is a free app that you can use to see all your accounts in one place, enabling you to see how you’re doing financially. You could save money by finding better deals on household bills, making sure you are receiving the highest interest rates on your savings accounts, and you will even receive a daily set of personalised suggestions that will help you save money, every day.

Is the Snoop app easy to use? Your bank and credit card information, along with all your financial data, can be fed into Snoop, which then looks over your spending habits and gives you money management advice, making future financial planning easy!

Reyt Chuffed

– The basic app is free to use!
– Verify that your energy, broadband, and mobile phone are not overpriced
– Discover individualised ways to save money

Reyt Stuffed

– It’s not as feature-rich as some budgeting apps
– Your anonymised spending insights are sold to other businesses, but this does not apply to any personal information.

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future financial planning



Customers can combine their pensions using the PensionBee platform into one online plan. In order to help their customers build a clearer picture of what they should contribute in the future, they build pension calculators and retirement forecasting tools.

In short, they want to help consumers figure out what their options are. Moreover, they’re trail-blazing the way for a blanket commitment to a pension switch guarantee, alongside their ongoing fight against pension scams as and when they find them. Taking this approach allows them to help their customers achieve financial freedom.

PensionBee charges one fee for each of their plans, and you’re free to swap plans at any time. These are purpose-built pension plans and are managed by the financial powerhouses of BlackRock, State Street Global Advisors, Legal & General and HSBC.

Reyt Chuffed

– Their planner helps you keep track of your retirement savings
– Everything is digital, so there’s no paperwork
– Pension plans that fit your needs

Reyt Stuffed

– Can be a bit OTT on their email communication
– Customer service varies in quality

Check out their options and sign up here!


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