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Paid Ads

Paid Ads

Paid Ads

Why Choose Paid Ads?

The most effective marketing campaigns take advantage of all available advertising channels. In spite of the higher advertising costs, paid advertising is the most effective method of showcasing your company.

A successful online advertising campaign brings traffic to a web page and generates leads. Marketers can further customise their campaigns by choosing from the different types of paid advertising, such as PPC, PPI, and display ads. As social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have grown in popularity, they are increasingly being used for paid advertisements.


Google Ads

Our team of Google Advertising professionals at Reyt Chuffed will work closely with your in-house or external staff to deliver results that align with your goals. In a Google search result or other Google property, targeted advertising is available through an auction-based system.

One of the most well-known features of Google Ads is that it is usually able to target the right customers at the right time, so they are available for both small and large businesses. They can target users based on their current and previous online browsing habits in order to identify ideal candidates.

Our services cover all aspects of the marketing campaign – from understanding your business to generating creative ideas. Getting value and results begins with a plan, action, monitoring and optimisation. After that, all you have to do is reap the benefits!

Finding yourself in your potential customers’ search results is difficult because of the amount of information available online. You can, however, take action and make yourself visible.

Search engines like Google utilise ranking systems to calculate how many web pages they must sort through before matching users to the website that suits their needs. They use a combination of factors to evaluate queries. These factors include the words in the query, the relevance, the usability of the page, the expertise of the source, the location and the setting.

In order to get traffic when people are actively searching for products or services related to those that you provide, you could use the ads that appear in search results to guide them to your website.


Is Social Media Advertising Valuable?

Social media advertising helps promote your brand and get more responses from your audience by placing ads on social media platforms. A response might be to learn more about what you have to offer, buy something, or go to your landing page.

Social media advertising is different from organic social media marketing. It gets your product in front of highly targeted segments, so you can get more return on investment.

Using social media advertising allows you to reach the right customers at the right time and place. If you want to reach new, demographically specific audiences quickly, this digital marketing method is crucial.

Your ideal customer can be identified by the Facebook Ad platform’s powerful targeting system – meaning that you can almost be certain that your target customer is already on the platform; waiting for your advertisements to reach them. It does not matter who your target customer is – there’s always a customer out there who wants or needs what you’re selling.

You can target your ideal customer using Facebook Ads’ powerful targeting tool, which makes it possible to identify things like their age, likes, or location. Facebook Pixels are also an increasingly common feature of websites. They allow advertisers to target ads based on users’ interests.

In addition, since we can identify and target those consumers most likely to need and buy your products or services, our expert Facebook marketing team utilises this information to increase the likelihood of your business’ sales.


How Can Social Media Advertising Help Businesses?

The process of building organic social media traffic on popular social networking sites can sometimes take days because of the algorithms that work behind the scenes of these websites. Short campaigns are more likely to lose visibility and leads because of their ramp up time. You will be able to get started with your campaign in a way that organic posts are unable to.

With paid social media, you will be able to get started with an additional boost. You can also retarget your customers with your ads to achieve an advertisement frequency you are able to control. Therefore, your ads will continue to generate views, traffic, and engagement for as long as you need it. Here are a few ways that Social Media Advertising can aid your business;

Facebook Pixel

In the world of Facebook analytics, the Facebook Pixel (code) is an invaluable tool. The Reyt Chuffed team utilises this information to kick-start targeted campaigns that drive business to you.

We can use the Pixel to track conversions from Facebook Ads by installing it on your website, and we can use that information to monitor and improve your customer connections. The information we then have at our disposal helps us target the right audiences for your future advertising, and at the same time, target former visitors to your website who may still be interested in your future ads.

That’s useful for us since it shows that they’re interested in your goods or services. The smart thing is that we can then show your products to those customers who didn’t buy or book on their first attempt, for whatever reason. Any number of reasons could have led to them leaving; however, we could reach out to them to remind them that you are still here and can offer them what they need!

Lead Generation

One of the most effective ways to get leads from Facebook is via Lead Ads, which were introduced in 2015. Through Lead Ads, you eliminate the need for a landing page while collecting essential data such as a user’s name, email address, and phone number while keeping them on Facebook.

You can also perform lead qualification by asking custom questions. For service-oriented businesses who wish to determine what information is available about prospective customers before making contact with them, this tool is ideal.

The lead generation campaigns created by Reyt Chuffed are designed to reach your audience at the right time, on any device, including mobile devices. We work with you to develop a strategy that fits your goals and uses innovative Facebook marketing techniques to deliver results.

Dynamic Product Ads

E-Commerce brands can drive revenue and increase ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) through Dynamic Product Ads. This is one of the most powerful methods for E-Commerce brands to maximise profits and revenues.

It is highly beneficial to you if you opt for this kind of marketing strategy, as you will then be able to tailor Facebook ads to your business and remind people about items they still haven’t purchased. In addition to targeting customers with similar products to those they have already viewed or purchased, you can also generate additional revenue from them.

Customers are prompted to see similar products, which serves as a reminder of previously viewed items they may have forgotten. By showing them ads relevant to products they’ve already viewed, we can create campaigns that generate results for you. Our approach is to understand you, your business and your potential customers, and to partner with you to create effective Facebook ads, which will bring your brand the results that you want.


Work With Reyt Chuffed As Your Paid Ads Partner!

Reyt Chuffed’s Paid Ads services are here to ensure that your brand reaches your customers in a more focused and targeted way. Learn more about how to use Paid Ads now by contacting our expert team! Check out our Paid Ads packages below:


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