Need Organisation? Here Are Some Of The Best Time Management Tools!

The Best Time Management Tools

22 04 2022
Time Management Tools

The Best Time Management Tools

Running a business is tough, right? Juggling all your daily tasks in the short number of hours in a day, whilst having a work/life balance at the same time with your family and loved ones, can feel like a lot of plates to spin.

If you’re sick of scribbling onto post-it notes, trying to keep on top of a project through mountains of emails, or struggling with knowing how much time is spent and how much to charge – you aren’t alone! Project and time management tools are on the rise, as businesses find more effective ways to run their day-to-day.


Procrastination Becomes Productivity

Let’s face it, procrastination is a very easy trap to fall into, especially when you have a million other things on your list. However, that’s all changing; managing time, tasks, and improving productivity goals with the best time management tools for you and your employees, has never been easier.

If you’re running a business, department, or anything else that requires leadership, time management is vital.

There are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything, so you always have to prioritise tasks and track your time. Fortunately, it is possible to organise your time more efficiently and effectively by using apps and software to help with time management.

These tools are great not just for keeping track of time, but also for billable hours, and for counting how much time you spend on which project.

So, without further ado, here are Reyt Chuffed’s 3 Favourite Time Management Tools;



Rather than project management software, Asana is a productivity and collaboration master. This software does not include a built-in time tracker or any advanced project scheduler, both of which are essential to managing long-term projects efficiently and accurately.

With that being said, because of its user-friendly and flexible interface, Asana is ideal for task management and collaboration. One of the best features of this platform is the ability to assign tasks, manage workloads, and connect with apps.

In comparison to its rival project management applications, Asana offers a boat-load of flexibility. You can use Asana to manage ongoing tasks and long-term projects, as well as coordinate departments and divide duties between team members. With so many integrations, this platform can be tailored to fit the intricate and individual needs of your business.

However, as the great Benjamin Parker once said “with great power comes great responsibility” – and Asana is no different. At times, the learning curve can be tough due to the sheer amount of functionality.

Reyt Chuffed

– Workflow Automation
– Mobile Access
– Task views in list or Kanban format offer a great user experience

Reyt Stuffed

– If you have a lot of projects running simultaneously, navigating them all can be tricky.
– The synchronisation of calendars can be difficult, especially if team members are using different calendar software.

For more information and packages, take a gander here!


Click Up

According to ClickUp, they provide one app to replace them all. There is a lot more to ClickUp though than task management – it offers doc storage, reminders, calendar views, workload views, and even the ability to email from within a task. Featuring a fully customisable interface, ClickUp will help you to manage any type of team that you lead, whether they are small, medium, or large.

ClickUp is striving to make the world of work a better place by removing the unnecessary apps and platforms that are tying up your time and merging them into a one-stop shop. Its feature set is equipped with full customisation for teams of any size and to suit any industry. This makes it an essential tool for teams that want to keep everything, from development to design, centralised.

In a world that sees people working apart, ClickUp has important features such as Whiteboards, Dashboards, and Time Tracking for unprecedented management of people and collaboration between staff, plus the ability to create custom views and share them with anyone.

With the amount of flexibility, customisation and collaboration, it would be difficult not to let the power of this platform go to your head!

Reyt Chuffed

– Email integration
– Gantt Charts
– Workflow Automation
– Team Collaboration

Reyt Stuffed

– Platform stability can waver at times, but nothing major.
– Mobile app, especially for Android devices, is a little lacking compared to desktop.

If you’re looking for that one app to replace them all, then take a look for yourself!


Time Management Tools

Bob Geldoff famously sang about how much he was averse to Mondays, however, we doubt he’d tried By adapting to the unique way your team utilises its resources, provides a highly visual calendar interface and customisable workflows for your staff. serves as a comprehensive productivity powerhouse that keeps track of teamwork, assigned projects, and ensures that tasks are completed according to your desired schedule.

How does that happen, I hear you cry? Simple. You build your system based on the project templates made available by when you sign up. There are options for managing tasks on a day-to-day basis, planning your department’s activities, and even making videos.

Assigning individual tasks to different people on your team is another way that simplifies project management. Upon doing so, you will be able to view a beautifully detailed, chronological overview of your entire project portfolio. This function shows you who’s responsible for what, when, and what’s coming up.

Need less planning and more action? You can also collaborate on too since it includes advanced tools for messaging, sharing, and commenting on work as it progresses.

If you’re more interested in your job than Bob – this could well be the platform for you.

Reyt Chuffed

– Numerous third-party integrations including Mailchimp and Shopify
– Timesheet Tracking
– Integration with accounting software

Reyt Stuffed

– It’s not always easy to import Excel documents
– Can be expensive when adding larger team numbers

If you like Mondays, learn more here!


There we have it, our top 3 time management tools, that will not only improve your workload organisation, but will also help to increase productivity. The only thing we can’t vouch for is their ability to make a crackin’ cuppa – you’ll, unfortunately, have to do that yourself.

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